An estimated 30 percent of Americans experience some kind of food sensitivity during their lifetime. The most common symptoms include gastrointestinal upset, skin rashes or respiratory issues. You can also experience fatigue, headache, mood swings and even migraine. Learn how to uncover and identify a food sensitivity.

A recent trip to the Emergency Room made me think about how good we are at physical first aid but not so good at psychological first aid. A major “scar” of this pandemic will be many of us needing psychosocial first aid. How good are we at that ?

The five competencies of resilience are a useful tool to assess our own unique resiliency skills. I have found the concept very useful in my own life. In this Podcast i review a process for you to assess your own resiliency!

We all have challenges that shape our character and help us grow. The past few months have tested our resilience. Thank believe we are hardwired to not only recover from adversity. But also grow and transform. In this Podcast I talk about sharing your Resilience Story.

We all have a “set point” for the expected amount of joy, happiness or pain and anguish and we tend to return to that point after negative or positive experiences. In this Podcast I share the 5 set point levels and invite you to begin exploring where you are in your set point levels.

In his new book The End of Alzheimer’s Program, Dr Dale Bredesen talks about needing a new vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease. Not an injection, but a personalized lifestyle program based on all the contributing factors.

Lifestyle medicine is needed now more than ever. Poor lifestyle choices such a smoking and overuse of alcohol and lack of physical activity are key contributors to the progression of many of the chronic diseases that put us at more risk of severe infection with this new corona virus

Raw, honest, powerful, soulful and tender. The book “Untamed” is both a memoir and a wake up call for us all the listen and trust our inner “Knowing”

In this episode I hold space for all the different emotions at this time to co- exist. It is Mental Health Awareness Month so let’s shine a light on how we are feeling !

April 30, 2020

Let’s Create Health !

We have heard about the Germ Theory of disease, have you heard about The Terrain Theory? It’s time to take back our power and realize we can build up our body to be a bad host to this virus !

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