It is never too early to encourage healthy eating in our children. In this episode of The Dr Karen Health Show Podcast, Dr Karen shares great fun tips to get children involved and excited about making fun and healthy treats !

October 29, 2021

The Scary Sugar Trap!

The scariest thing about Halloween is the sugar! As a Sugar Buster Coach, you can imagine how scary Halloween is for me. In this episode of The Dr Karen Health Show, I discuss ways to make this holiday season even healthier than ever !

Nutrigenomics is a wonderful way to drive behavior motivation and change your life! In this Podcast Dr Karen discusses how she has used Nutrigenomics to shift lifestyle habits in powerful ways

If ever there was a time to build mental strength — it is NOW. In the episode of The Dr Karen Health Show, Dr Karen brings the 4 habits to build mental strength shared by Jay Shetty, author of “Think Like A Monk”

This Dr Karen Wolfe Health Show episode explains the comprehensive 7 day medical detoxification program I just returned from. Sanoviv is a cutting edge facility focused on whole-body healing.

Left untreated, acid reflux (heartburn), can result in many chronic digestive issues. In this episode of The Dr Karen Health Show, Dr Karen Wolfe talks about lifestyle and dietary changes that can help!

There has been a huge shift in understanding the link between mouth health and body health. Dr Karen Wolfe answers two questions - How can the health of our mouth affect our body ? Why are the simple habits of daily brushing and flossing more important than we might think?

Can you guess what the four bad for the bones foods are ? In this podcast episode. Dr Karen Wolfe shares valuable insights in ways to support healthy bones

June 16, 2021

How To Read A Food Label

A common question wellness seekers ask is about how to read a food label. In this podcast episode Dr Karen Wolfe breaks down the important features to pay attention to in a label before you choose to buy it. She also gives examples of foods and their labels

In this Podcast Episode I read a passage from “The Book of Awakening” by poet and spiritual teacher, Mark Nepo. Life is fragile and unbreakable at the same time and wonder helps us find the indestructible part of the thread.

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